About us

Our sites around the UK have the full range of metal recycling and processing equipment. We sell our products to the major global steel mills and to foundries and smelters in the UK and overseas. A substantial percentage of our sales are exported to a global network of customers.


Metal & Waste Recycling Limited specialises in the recycling of all ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

With headquarters in London, we have depots in London, the South East, Midlands and the North East employing over 240 people.

Our group has 12 operating sites across the UK and purchases over 800,000 tonnes per annum of metals from automotive, demolition, military and engineering businesses as well as metal merchants. We believe that all of this makes us the 4th largest metal recycler in the UK market.

Our operating sites include two dock facilities, in London and the North East, enabling us to export metals by ship to Europe. We also have substantial container loading facilities and are one of the few UK companies able to offer bulk export tonnage of high quality metals in containers.

Our operations have the full range of metal recycling equipment enabling us to recycle and process all grades of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

We differentiate ourselves from our competitors by providing exemplary service to support our main contracts, which require rapid and reliable response, compliance with detailed ISO and quality procedures, and high standards of health and safety.

Core Skills

Dedicated Purchasing

We offer our customers outstanding purchasing opportunities through dedicated project managers, with around the clock service to over 850 suppliers in the Midlands and North London. Our significant expertise in ferrous and non-ferrous metal types is coupled with proven track record of delivering specialised services to suppliers, whether their needs are great or small.

Unrivalled access to Multiple Sales Channels

We have nurtured long standing, international trading relationships at high management levels to ensure MWR is on the pulse of the global market. These exceptional relationships ensure that we have access to all key global markets, minimising the risk of local Volatility. With over 800,000 tonnes purchased annually and sold at the optimum price, this cultural understanding of maximising value from every tonne bought benefits suppliers who trust MWR to achieve best value.

Leading-edge Logistics Solutions

At MWR we recently introduced a brand new fleet of 45 fuel efficient, bespoke vehicles at a value of £5m. Using the latest technology such as telematic trackers and restrictors to cap speed and optimise fuel consumption. With a customer-driven, flexible approach to transportation, we offer a frequency of collections ranging from hourly to fortnightly as well as collecting and managing in excess of 50,000 skip & bin collections per annum, with an on-time availability rate in excess of 99% across 363 days of the year.

Continuous Improvement

We never stop seeking new opportunities to learn and grow. A culture of continuous improvement underpins the evolution at all sites. Whether it be opening up new international markets or innovating a dynamic new solution tailor-made for an individual client, our exhaustive experience of diverse projects means we are constantly discovering and exploiting new business prospects.

One Stop Solution

At MWR we offer a one-stop solution within each region and a proven history of specific investment to cater for each supplier’s needs. With our extensive range of recycling experience we are perfectly positioned to offer a bespoke management package, ensuring metals recovery value is optimised in an efficient, transparent and customised solution.

Outstanding Operational Expertise

MWR is proud to have an extensive and proven track record in all forms of metal and waste handling. As specialists in automotive metal recovery we have formed trusted relationships with the major automotive suppliers and are one of the largest in the Midlands region by volume in this market. With our dedicated operations for tolling, baling, shearing, fragmentation, shredding, granulating and specialist segmentation, our multisite coverage provides contingent planning options in the event of an unforeseen issue at both local and national level.

Bespoke Account Management

No two customers are the same. We offer fully flexible, transparent account management with recycling solutions offered for the whole range of materials. This approach is typified by the variety of operating models conducted for major suppliers, from Stadco to BT and the MOD, covering materials as diverse as car components to cable and helicopters.


The Ministry of Defence has trusted MWR for over a decade to offer low profile, efficient and discreet disposal of confidential redundant materials. Offering experienced advice, an entirely visible process and unrivalled realisation of value, we guarantee a highly specialised service. This includes a comprehensive audit trail and specialized project manager for each component type as well as round the clock access to high level management team in the event.